I typically start my seminars with a quote from one of my mentors, Jim Rhone. He would ask; “who’s plan are you buying? Who’s got you talked into doing what you are doing?” Another of my most respected mentors, Bob Proctor, in his book, “You Were Born Rich” made this statement; “All people have the ability to make decisions with what they will do with their life. Most the information that is programmed in your paradigm is false.” I have had to go through that evaluation process of how my beliefs became my beliefs. This is not to say our parents, guardians or peers were necessarily bad people with harmful intent. What we tend to learn is the result of generations of automatic teachings passed down. Because our first instinct as human beings is to avoid pain and move toward pleasure, we accept the ideas of survival or in other words, the path of least resistance from our ancestors. For better or for worse, these principles became ours.

If you analyze your current belief patterns, you will realize that many of those beliefs you have inherited. You may be holding on to beliefs that could be causing many of your problems today. These inherent beliefs may conflict with your nature and could be getting in the way of your dreams. I am not going to attempt to reconstruct your entire belief system, but what I want to share with you are three key beliefs you need to understand:

  1. You exist as a spiritual and physical entity
  2. Universal laws govern all movement
  3. Your purpose is to create

All things that you comprehend, exists as invisible matter and becomes organized into physical form. Scientists, with the help of high-tech instruments, have identified these particles that surround us that the human eye cannot see as the substance that builds the physical structures we experience in our physical world. For instance, the human body is made of trillions of cells, cells that can be seen under a microscope. With scientific tools, we can see inside the cell and drill down to atoms, protons, neutrons and beyond. Scientists can see so deep into the invisible elements, which by the way is referred to as spirit or spiritual, not to be confused with religion. Spirit refers to the unseen by the natural human eye but is existing stuff. Studies prove that at the core of these tiniest elements resides “quark” or in other words, energy. We can’t really explain energy or light other than to say it is the power that gives life to all things, you and me and all other physical properties are made of the same elements, just that it’s all organized in different order to form it’s structure. The human being, however, is the only thing we know of that is intelligent and conscious. That gives us a unique role in the universe. Without getting too deep, the point I am trying making, is that all things that you see in the physical realm was once spiritual, or invisible.

Universal laws govern all movement. Albert Einstein said, “if you look deep into nature, you will begin to understand how all things work.”  He also stated; “Understanding the very law of impermanence is one of the most powerful realizations along a path of embracing all that life has to offer. The field is the sole governing agency of the particle” What science has proven is that there is an order to all things. Understanding the uniform and orderly method of the omnipotent universe and being obedient to the laws that apply to every person every-where, will ensure your positive human experience. For more information about these laws, you can visit my website or stay tuned for an upcoming article. If you are even more interested, I highly recommend the book “Working with the Laws” by Raymond Holliwell.

You are a creator and your purpose is to take the invisible and make it visible. This is to say, take a thought, idea, vision or dream and make it real. Natures operations are governed by the mighty law of harmony and order. Creation in and every form is governed and subject to a law. When you work with the laws you win, when you are disobedient you struggle.  You are more than a physical entity, there is an energy involved.  You are source energy first and foremost, the larger part of you remains non-physically focused while the smaller part of you depends on your physical senses for information. Your vibrational reality precedes all manifested (physical) reality. Everything that is necessary for the achievement of anything that you want has already been assembled.  The questions is, are you a cooperative component or are you keeping alive a belief of doubt that contradicts what you are asking for? If you are feeling negative emotion, then you are keeping alive a vibration that contradicts the power that will create what you want.  Your thoughts make you; your ideals, principles and ruling desires will determine your destiny. Make a daily effort to learn and improve your opinion and personal views. What you think matters much more than you probably realize.

You should dive deeper into these principles. It won’t take you long before you start to recognize instinctively how true they are and how people who have succeeded on a large scale will attribute their success to these beliefs.      



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