Victor Midgley Institute

of Progressive Learning

Our Mission

Teach people "principles" that provides them with essential instructions to rise above obstacles and achieve abundant prosperity in both professional and personal life.

Victor E. Midgley

Victor Midgley is a renowned personal development teacher and advisor with a proven track record over many years of leading people and companies to increased prosperity and abundance.  

Early Years

Victor Midgley’s career began more than 30 years ago as a sales representative for a telecommunications company. Victor had just enrolled as a student at the University of Utah pursuing a Business Management Degree. Within 3 years working as a sales representative, Victor landed a position as a Manager of a 300 seat call center, of which he directly managed 150 of those employee (call center agents). Victor’s next opportunity came 3 years later as Director of Operations of a 500 seat call center. The next 5 years of Victor’s career, he served as an Inside Sales Manager for a fortune 500 company and his next opportunity came as a Vice President of a 100 seat call center that he grew by over 300% during his tenure, much due to his landing several multi-million dollar projects.    

Becoming an Entrepreneur

In 2000, Victor decided to become an Entrepreneur and start his own company.  Along with a couple partners, Victor started a small BPO call center company. Later, Victor added to his call center services offering, a “front-line agent” staffing service for companies that operated a call center. At his highest point, Victor employed 150 people and generated over $4 million in revenue. In 2003 Victor was approached by a national staffing firm interested in acquiring his company. Victor moved on from that opportunity to serve as an independent call center consultant.  His first account, was a one year commitment to serve as the President of a small call center BPO provider, which he grew to a 300 seat call center that had top fortune 500 companies as clients. After a year-and-a-half in that capacity, Victor landed a contract with a leading call center company based out of Canada, as their Vice President of Business Development. Following this one-year commitment, Victor was approached by a company to partner in building a 100+ seat call center. This venture proved to be successful and prosperous. In 2009 Victor sold his interest in that call center and in 2010 founded M9 Group.  

M9 Group / Victor Midgley Institute of Progressive Learning

In 2010, M9 Group (M9G) was established. M9 Group would take Victor in a much different direction than his previous ventures. Victor Midgley’s call center management and consulting practice, exposed his true passion and abilities to develop the skills in people to produce amazing and quantum results. Rather than consult call center operations, Victor made a much bigger impact on an operation through his development programs. Victor authored three self improvement books and today, Victor Midgley is a highly pursued speaker, instructor and consultant to many companies, business executives and a growing request from every-day individuals across the country and beyond, to teach his wisdom. In 2020 Victor re-branded with Victor Midgley Institute of Progressive Learning to take the place of Victor Midgley Training. VMI operates a facility in Salt Lake City, Utah and has assembled a team of highly qualified experts to provide clients with a variety of Advisory choices to teach, instruct and coach results methods and move people to a higher level of prosperity and abundance. 

Notable Companies Victor Has Worked With


Victor E. Midgley

Birth Place

Salt Lake City, Utah usa

December 8, 1962 (57)

Currently Lives

Salt Lake City, Utah usa

Places Lived

Denver, CO / SLC, UT / Douglas, GA / Gainesville, FL / Phoenix, AZ


University of Utah, LDS Business College, Carrington University


Master of Science in Business Management

Minor in Consumer Science


Owner / CEO, M9 Group

Owner / President, Call Management Solutions

President of Call Center Operations, Compass

President of Consumer Affairs, Humanvoice

Vice President of Call Center Operations, DSP

Vice President of Business Development, Fineline

Vice President of Operations, Occurance

Current Occupation

Entrepreneur / Author / Consultant / Speaker

Published Books

Perfect People, 2011

What Do You Think?, 2015

Victory, 2020


1-on-1 Coaching
Team Training
Online LMS

Service Offerings

Victor Midgley established the Institute of Progressive Learning to provide people with important principles and a learning program that will develop the ability to achieve prosperity and abundance and fulfillment in their experience with life. Victor Midgley, over the course of his 30 year career, has authored the lessons and programs that are taught. Victor is an avid student of the human psychology. Endless hours of research has gone into the program Victor calls “Perfect People.” Although, the human race justifies the concept that nobody is perfect, this is the astounding approach to the “Perfect People” course. The core principles taught is that we as people are equipped with internal resources and abilities to create a fulfilling life experience. When we rewire our frame of thinking through this course, you will come to understand that all things work for your good and that there are no coincidences, there is nothing wrong. Your life will sore when you gain this new understanding.      

Victor Midgley and his team of professional – certified advisors have been teaching and instructing key conversation, leadership and personal development skills to hundreds of companies and thousands of employees that when put into practice will enhance  the productivity, careers and corporate growth of any organization that relies on its people to interact with customers and prospects alike.

Industries We've Worked In

Airlines – Apparel – Athletic Equipment – Athletic Gear – Auto Parts – Automotive – Banking – Beverage – BPO Call Centers – Corporate Coaching & Training – Collections – Credit – Data Collections – Dental – Dietary – Education – Electronics – Equipment Rental – Exercise Equipment – Financial Banking – Financial Investments – Financial Planning – Food & Beverage – Fulfillment – Health Care – Health Insurance – Home Appliances – Home Décor – Hospitality – HVAC – MLM – Mortgage – Pharmaceutical – Plumbing – Power Sports – Printing – Real Estate – Recreation – Reservations Centers – Telecommunications – Transportation – Travel –

Some Organizations We've Served

1800 Dentist – AAA – AT&T – Bank of America – Bed, Bath and Beyond – Bell+Howell – Blendtec – Brigham Young University – Century Link – Chase Bank – Cisco – Colgate – Convergy’s – Dell – Delta Airlines – Dental Support Plus – Direct TV – Extra Space Storage – FedEx – Fidelity Investments – Focus Services – Health Care Benefits – Human Voice – Hyundai – inContact – JetBlue – Kinko’s – Lexington Law – Marriott Reservations – Mc Donald’s – Nestle – Nike – O’Currance – Ocean Spray – PBS – Pergo – Porsche – Republican National Party – Rockefeller Group – Sprint – TD Waterhouse – Teleperformance – Toyota – United Airlines – United Van Lines – Zions Bank –


Lori Carver

Lori graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Communications. She has owned a company and has been a consultant for 8 years. Lori is a decorated contributor to women entrepreneurs as is a key advisor to women in business.

Isiah Reid

Isaiah is a seasoned leader having served in several management roles with multi million dollar companies.

Frank McNally

Frank has owned and operated several start-up companies. Frank holds Business degree from Arizona State University. 

Heather Ricci

Heather is a leading advocate for women in business. She was recently the Vice President of Operation for Orbit’s Enterprises when they were a $10mm company and lead the company to over $100mm in just 5 years. 

Jason Koltz

Jason Graduated from BYU with honors. Jason was a partner is a start-up company that was featured as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. Jason is a highly sought young executive.