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A compelling conversation can change EVERYTHING!

The connection between human beings is the key to success!

Technology cannot duplicate the human emotion.

Connecting people is a predictable process.

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Face-to-Face Interaction Skills Matter!

We live in a technology dominated world that has conditioned our culture to interact through digital instruments. The live interaction between people is being compromised and thus the connection with other people is weak. Furthermore, cheap tactics and deceitful methods are mostly being taught as strategies to manipulate and persuade people to buy into another’s ideas. With decades or research and experience behind us, only Victor Midgley Training can deliver the true principles that leads to compelling conversation, which is the fundamental element to progress and prosperity in one’s personal and professional life. Companies have gained quantum production through this program alone.     

Nearly 86% of customers reported that their expectations had not been exceeded in their last interaction with a company representative.

Harvard Business Review

Almost 84% of employees that engage with customers feel unprepared or have a lack of confidence when speaking with customers or prospects.

Forester Research

Close to 76% of customers stated that they switched companies because of poor customer experience and not because of the product. 

Gallup Consumer Report

Our lessons are principle based and our method is proven over 20 years to deliver progress in all areas of life.

It may seem obvious that the first step to a compelling conversation is to make a positive impression. How to effectively accomplish this is the secret. When people first meet, instantly they are evaluating each other. The evaluation of the person offering the service is whether they are an authentic authority. Preparation in this initial step is critical to the success of the conversation.

Voltaire said, “do not judge a man by what he says, but rather by the questions he asks.” Asking questions that maintains a compelling conversation is a skill that few people possess. We teach the powerful and appropriate questions to ask that will keep the conversation compelling.

Most conversations fall apart for the very reason that there was a gross lack of awareness of what was being said and more important, the inability to match the frequency. When you can ask questions that produces clues or insights to what the underlying message is, you gain a huge advantage to being a source to the other person. The central key to success will be to pay attention to the clues.

As the conversation flows and words are being exchanged, the only method to engaging trust between people will be in the demonstration of empathy. To understand the emotions of the other person will draw them closer to you than anything you can say or do. We teach the most effective strategy for accomplishing effective empathy.

So many conversations loose there energy because of failure to keep things relevant. In a professional situation this is why “scripts” have more of a negative impact than a positive one. Without an ability to adjust and fluctuate or worse force a expect a person to express their message how you plan it will result in a collapse of the conversation. There is a technique to ensure your conversations are meaningful.

A conversation without a solution lacks purpose. A solution does not necessarily have to be big or tangible. We teach strategies that form simple habits and are effective. The value of the conversation simply comes down to what happens next – the understanding of what will come of the current conversation.

We have improved the productivity for companies with call center projects across the globe with our effective conversation development training program. Of all the phases of a successful call center operation, and as important to the overall accomplishments, nothing will be more critical to progress and achievment as the conversation. What we teach, is how to hold a compelling conversation and that is what will drive abundance and prosperity more than anything.

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