Victor Midgley Training


Distribution Methods

Just as important as the proven principles are to us, so too is the retention and application of the instruction. We realize that people have different methods of retaining information and we provide several channels for receiving the principles of compelling conversation.     

Repetition is the mother of skill and in order to condition ones habits with progressive behaviors, one must have access to the information and encouragement to apply the information until behavior becomes automatic and natural.  

OnSite Training

The initial process for receiving the core lessons, is in a classroom setting with a certified VMT instructor presenting via PowerPoint presentation (along with other tools) "The 6-Steps to a Compelling Conversation" training program. The 6 lessons are designed to be taught in a single 8 hour day or can be divided and spread out over time. The classroom style training can take place at the clients facility or at the VMT corporate training facility in Salt lake City, Utah.

1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 coaching offers the student a mentor to help implement effective principles and overcome challenges with conversations. The 30-minute sessions take place usually by phone every 10 days. The coaching typically follows the Training class and is accompanied by the "Call Review Score" Report (see processes)

Online Training

Students who have completed the live training presentation will receive a subscription to the Learning Management System (LMS) where they gain access to the course which consists of a video presentation (for ongoing review), a "downloadable" copy of the PowerPoint presentation slide deck, article and assignment. When each lesson is completed the student can take a quiz to measure there understanding of the principles.

Videos & Audios

For additional support and ongoing education, we have produced a series of several videos that are used as weekly assignments, but are available to subscribers to access anytime and as often as they like. Each video will also include a quiz so the student can test their grasp of the information taught in the video. The quiz can be taken up to 3 times and the videos can be watched an unlimited amount of times. The videos are converted into audios and are available for download to subscribers.

Articles & Blogs

Victor Midgley is a contributing author to the worldwide Contact Center Networking Group (CCNG) which has tens-of-thousands of subscribers. These articles, plus many more exclusive to VMT subscribers, are available on the training website. For those who like to read and retain better from reading, will find these articles informative and an enjoyable read.


The most effective learning programs are also fun. We have incorporated an incentive program that will reward "members" with credit points for applying the principles, achievements and experience. The credit-points accumulated will rank the individual and that ranking can earn the member a variety of resources and prizes. Bottom line, when you learn with VMT, you receive a productive lifestyle with unlimited support.