Victor Midgley Training


The Principles

  • The VMT Training Course is an acclaimed program
  • The course is authored by Victor Midgley, a 30 year veteran in conversation training and development
  • The lessons are centered on proven psychological principles
  • This course and lessons are exclusive to VMT
  • The lessons are tried and true, proven to develop essential skills in people that will lead to progress and prosperity
  • When a person possesses connection skills, they prosper the company they work for.

The “6 Steps to a Compelling Conversation” course is an acclaimed program that has received praise from Franklin Covey and Dale Carnage among other training program Instructors. This exclusive course, authored by Victor Midgley, is the result of many years of study, research and application primarily in the call center space.   

The lessons are centered on the scientific laws that govern human psychology and the processes that are most effective connecting people with one another. This program is not taught anywhere else and the method and program for instructing is the sole creation of Victor Midgley and his team.     

What we teach is far more than a philosophy or idea to build a business around. We have cracked the code to effective people connection. When people connect, resources become plentiful and progress and prosperity follow. This education will change the quality of life for the individual that will in turn elevate the company who employ’s them.