Victor Midgley Institute

of Progressive Learning


By Victor E. Midgley

Published on May 2020 by VMI

Wouldn’t it be something quite amazing if you actually had a magic wand that you could simply wave, and have it manifest whatever you desired? For most people, that is a far-fetched fantasy that could only exists in a make-believe world and not in your current reality. At this stage of human existence, we are inundated with so many “so called” experts that speak to the abilities in human beings to excel and accomplish great things in their lives. The feedback I get from these attempts to instruct and motivate others to achieve greatness, is that it falls way short of effective.  I for one, have been obsessed most all my life with discovering the enigma of human prosperity. What is it exactly that separates the happy from the sad, the rich from the poor, the confident from the afraid, the relaxed from the stressed?

At the surface, there seems to be a giant disparity between what awards one person with advantage and while others are left with huge obstacles to climb prohibiting them from advancing. People tend to be naïve when it comes to spotting the clues that make the difference. Though these clues seem illusive, they are more obvious than you might realize. It’s the illusions and conditioning from society that prohibits the enlightenment of our minds to recognize truth. Simply put, most people are operating in a, for lack of a better word, hypnotized state. So sadly, the popular conclusion for what causes the difference between people who get what they want and while others struggle, is that some people are lucky and others are not, or some people were born into resources while others come from an inheritance of “lack.” Although, the biggest of all lies seems to make the most sense, and that is that some people are just more special than others.      

If you wish to active your powers, you must rid yourself of the idea that you are doing the same things as successful people. When you get stuck in your head that there is no difference between what causes “success” and “failure” and that it’s just dumb luck, you will always be stuck. When you unlock the code, you will experience abundance and prosperity and it will come seemingly easy to you. I have made it my life’s work to dispel the lies we have been told about what breeds success and what causes failure. Although it would be impossible for me to share all the details with you in this brief article about how you can create abundance in your life, I will give you the nuts and bolts of it, so to speak, and I encourage you to continue to follow me to receive subsequent instruction that will support what I am about to share with you in this article.

The truth of the matter whether you accept it or not, is that you have the power and ability right now to create monumental experiences and achievements in your life. Most people go through life never realizing their natural – inherent powers, much less how to use them. I’d like to share with you 5 steps to how you can active your powers to get what you want right now! Before getting started, it is an absolute must that you are certain about what you want.

What Do You Want?

Stephen Covey made the point in his “7 Habits of Highly Successful People” book and I share it with you now, “begin with the end in mind.” Although, this is not a actual step in this lesson, without it, your powers are rendered useless and irrelevant. I could spend, easily a full day with you on this subject alone, but to keep focus, let’s continue. You would not take target practice without something to shoot at, you don’t play sports without a goal. Without an objective, you are moving aimlessly into the abyss destined to arrive at nowhere, which would be where you were aiming in the first place.  You must know what it is you want, not necessarily need, but want. I am somewhat surprised by how many people I work with every day that cannot describe to me in detail what they want. This topic is usually a full-day seminar, but I will attempt to give it to you in a couple sentences.

It is of utmost importance that you write down maybe the 5 most important things for you right now. Be as clear and as specific as you can be. For instance, of you want to make more money, write down an exact number – if you want a new car, be specific with the year, make model and color. Do not allow limitations to dictate what it is you want and whatever you do you must not give in to your mortal (limited) understanding of how it needs to come to pass. For example; do not state you want a big beautiful house in a nice neighborhood that maybe you have had your eye on and then talk yourself out of it because you can’t see where the resources are going to come from or make a checklist of all the things that need to occur for it to happen. All you need to do at this point is imagine the dream. Of course, there is much more I would like to share with you about this step, but you have got the gist.

Let’s get into how to activate your power so you can experience immediate results. Of course, I would understand if you are doubting before I even get started. After all, how can you manifest a new house today, or a new car, or a high paying job, relationship, better health, or things that we have come to know takes time before it comes true, if ever? I do get it and wouldn’t blame you if you checked out right now. This is the moment of departure from those who get what they want – leaving the others to wallow in their frustration wondering why things don’t work out for them; the high road if you will. So, you decide if these steps makes sense and will work for you, but this process has been my bread and butter in achieving abundance in my life and the many hundreds I have shared and coached through the process.

  1. PAY ATTENTION: Studies prove that people will spend only 15% of their day in a conscious state and 85% of their day in a subconscious state. The conscious state is the awareness mind and the subconscious is the automatic mind. You can make quantum progress by improving this one step. Pay attention, be aware of your environment and the feeling it is producing. Your environment has the greatest influence on the energy that manifests the thing(‘s) you want. Ask yourself if your current environment is producing a feeling that is aligned with the idea of your wants.
  2. DECISIONS: You will and are confronted with decisions every day, do you go this way or that way. The decision you must be aware of making is that the direction you are moving getting you closer or further from your objective. If it is not, adjust so that you are moving closer. Alignment with your wants is critical and so will be the decisions you make to move toward or away from what compels you to keep in alignment.
  3. FOCUS: What you focus on, will determine how you feel and how you feel will determine your actions, and your actions produce your results. What you think is especially important. This step causes people the most problem. Another surprise to me with many of the people I have worked with over the years is that I hear so often that the thoughts that dominate people’s minds seems to be out of their control. They can’t seem to change what goes on in their thoughts. They will admit their thoughts do seem to control how they feel, but they seem powerless to change what they are thinking. Controlling the thoughts that occupies the mind is essential, but also requires understanding of how the conscious and subconscious minds work. What is important for this brief explanation, is to pay attention to what is going through your conscious mind and to create rituals that will form productive habits that will help you maintain thoughts that are aligned with your objective. Things that help control productive thoughts are the places, people, music, movies, what you eat and how you move. There is a pattern to how thoughts enter your mind, what you think will have great influence on your results.
  4. DISCIPLINE: By discipline, I am referring to your “will”, desire and commitment to your values and standards. Discipline is the ability to give yourself a command and follow through with it. An important point to this step is that the advancement toward your goal will require sacrifice on your part of something to get that thing you want. Your commitment and control of your actions will move you quicker than anything else you can do toward the things you want.
  5. FAITH: Clearly the most overlooked step in the “getting what you want” process. What makes this step so critical, is the very thing that makes it work. As mortal human beings, we tend to live through what is physical and we excuse what we cannot see with our natural eyes but is proven to be existing substance. Science has proven there is an infinite world of energy and energy fields that forms every physical thing we experience including the things we desire and want for ourselves. We do not nor cannot understand what energy is or how it forms physical manifestations. We do know that we can manipulate the energy through thought and transformers, which another discussion. Your power will be recognized when you put your trust in the promise that all things work for your good and to create whatever it is you want. For better or for worse your creations are your accountability. So be sure about the things you want. If there is conflict in any of these steps, you will not manifest your dream. The speed of manifestation is solely based on your alignment with these steps. Conflict causes delays, frustration, anger, and discouragement can blow up the frequency of energy working to create your dream.

Does this mean if you are completely aligned with wanting a house, it will show up today? Maybe, I can tell you from experience that when I am aligned, I am feeling the workings of the elements and I am confident that want I want is on its way. For me that is as good as done right now. Sometimes, things come to me (seemingly) out of the blue and from nowhere – coming to me so much sooner than I would have expected. I try now to not be so surprised when it comes to me so quickly.

Continue to study and practice these principles. When you begin to see the evidence of what I have shared with you, you will become better at it and your manifestations come quicker. I encourage you to go to my website and study all the resources there. They are all free and you can have access to them anytime.