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Although the lessons we teach are not a game, we want to encourage fun in learning. The gamification program is designed to help our members retain the information taught and entice the implementation of the principles delivered. Only registered members are eligible to participate and earn credits. The online training program offers several methods for earning credits.


100 to 999 credits


1,000 to 2,499 credits


2,500 to 3,999


4,000 +


Live Training

500 Credits

LMS Course

250 Credits

Conversation Score

50-100 Credits


25 Credits


TBD Credits

Contests / Bonus

TBD Credits

You earn credits when you attend a VMT live training. When you have completed the training course, the VMT certified instructor will sign off verifying your attendance and then your credits will post on your VMT web-page.

Additional study opportunities are available on the VMT Leaning Management System (LMS). “The 6 Steps to a Compelling Conversation”, is the featured course along with several other courses with new courses added every month.

When you maintain a 76% or higher conversation score (participants only) during a one calendar month, you earn ongoing credits: 76%-80% = 50 Credits / 81%-89% = 75 Credits / 90%-100% = 100 Credits

For every assignment completed (with passing quiz score) from the Video Library, you will be awarded 25 credits. Credits can be earned only one time for each lesson (video can be reviewed unlimited times).  

The opportunity to earn credit points for “on-the-job” experience (current and/or past) relating to people conversation employment will be considered for credits. To be considered, you must complete the “nomination form”  below and the VMT Administrator will consider the eligibility along with the credits to be awarded.

From time-to-time the company or VMT will sponsor a contest that will award a “TBD” credits either in addition or as the prize for achievement. There may be valid moments when awarding credits for appropriate accomplishments is in order. The member or nominator may fill out the nomination form below for VMT administrator review in such a case. 

You can register to the VMT site for free.  However, if you wish to participate in the “Gamification” program, you will need to be a paying “member,” A paying member will either be sponsored by their employer (who pay’s their fee) or they pay the fee ($2-wk) on their own (scholarships are available). Either status allows the participant to earn credits and so long as the account remains active VMT will maintain the members records and the member will be eligible for all the benefits as well as access to the member training tools on the website.   

There are 6 categories that you can earn credits. Every participant is considered a subscriber until they reach 100 credits. At the student level, it is expected that the participant learns the “6 Steps to Compelling Conversation” principles – completes assignments and at least proves to meet the “qualified-level” conversation score in order to advance to the next gamification badge. 

You can’t earn credits if you don’t ask

Credit Nomination Form

Turn Earned Credits Into Amazing Rewards

Awards 400x275
More Productivity
Employer Rewards
Pay Raise 400x275
Employer Raise
Job Promotion
Gift Cards 400x275
Gift Cards from VMT
VMT Scholarship
Join Our Team3
Employment Opportunity
Paid Trip from VMT

Employment Opportunity Rules

Restricted / Unrestricted Member

A “restricted” and “unrestricted” member defines whether or not the participating member is eligible for the “Draft Pool” program. A Restricted Member is a member who’s membership fee is being covered by their employer who is also a VMT client. By being restricted, VMT cannot promote the members employment elsewhere. An Unrestricted Member is a member who has no ties to a current/active VMT client and who covers their own membership fee so their account remains active and their credits continues to be valid and can accumulate additional credits through their participation of the program.

Draft Eligibility

As the credits add up, so does the market value of the member. When the member reaches either QP or ELR level, they become eligible for the “DRAFT” which is an opportunity to participate in a classified non abrasive employment recruiting program. The draft program is simply any client that desires educated talent (demonstrated by credits earned), may submit a request to VMT to make a connection with any individual or individuals that meet the credentials to be interviewed for a position within their organization. If the member agrees, VMT will arrange the meeting.

Draft Pool Rules

Only Clients and Members are eligible to participate. This is an incentive program for Members and Clients so no extra fee is required. Only active members can participate in the draft. Members are individuals who are subscribed to the Online Training program. Active Members are considered either “RESTRICTED” or ‘UNRESTRICTED.” A restricted member is a member who’s current employer covers the monthly subscription fee and expressly prohibits their employee to participate in the draft and therefore will not be introduced to other employment opportunities through VMT. An unrestricted member is a member who subscribes and is personally responsible for, and covers their own membership subscription fee.

The Draft Process

Victor Midgley Training is NOT and DOES NOT make any claim to be or conduct themselves as a recruiting or employment agency. When a specific request comes to VMT from a CLIENT seeking and agreeable to give priority treatment to our member for an open position, VMT will act as intermediary and reach out to qualified members about the request. The client will have access only to a list of member scores, badges and “member since” date so they can narrow their search. VMT will make the introduction between client and member and that will end the involvement of VMT. VMT will only work directly with the client and WILL IN NO WAY converse with a Staffing Agency, Recruiting Firm, or any 3rd party HR company for the employment placement.

Sample Draft Eligibility Board


$25 person /month


Video Assignments


Video Lessons

LMS Courses


Credits and Incentives