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We understand Call Centers / Contact Centers or whatever a company chooses to call the customer contact function of their business; is a daunting endeavor that involves many moving parts. Because there is no formal education offered to call center management that holds such operations to a uniform standard – call center leaders tend to have varying styles overseeing the call center operations, which can cause conflicts that interferes with the success.  

Since our inception, some 15 years ago, and for many years thereafter, we offered call center consulting. Although, we have always offered skills training, for the past 2 years we have made training our primary lane. Because of our background and track record, we can provide much more to a call center operation through our development training because of our special methods and powerful content. 



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M9 Group, dba Victor Midgley Training (VMT) provides development training to front line call center agents and leadership. VMT, founded by Victor Midgley, a seasoned specialist in call center operations with a long and illustrious career working and consulting call centers all over the world.  

For more than 25 years Victor has built several call centers from the ground up and has managed struggling call centers into prosperous operations. Although Victor Midgley and his team can be a great resource to all contact centers with needs in any segment of the operation, Victor Midgley Training can best contribute to a call center operation by teaching the skill of compelling conversation.    


We completely understand the map involved within a contact center operation. Although our experience over 25 years covers every facet of the call center operation, we have intentionally elected “training” as our area of expertise.   

However, we provide a different type of training unlike anything offered by any firm in our category. We believe a call center’s training curriculum should include 4 quadrants:

Our target training offering is in the area of “skills” – more specific, CONVERSATION SKILLS. Our experience has proven that by developing the conversation skills of front-line agents and leadership you can greatly influence 5 key aspects of the operation:

Increased Productivity
Employee Retention
Customer Satisfaction
Qualified Leadership
Elevated Culture

Recent studies have reported that 83% of employees that work in a capacity that requires them to speak with customers, either lack confidence or feel unsure with what to say. On the other hand studies also report that 79% of customers are dissatisfied when speaking with a company’s representative. So much of the cause can be attributed to our technological culture and the lack of attention to live conversation development. We have made great impact on the quantum improvement of both individuals and companies with our deeply researched and tactical program.     

"6 Steps to a Compelling Conversation"

Victor Midgley authored the 6 lessons and the curriculum for the development of compelling conversation into the award winning course referred to as the 6 steps to compelling conversation. The content, although basic reveals the seldom taught physiological insights to the human interaction process that can predict the connection between people. When people can achieve a level of commonality, likability and trust through the conveyance of a message; buy-in to an idea is much more likely and advancement is a forgone result when the other person is compelled to follow.      

This program is not a trick or a manipulative tactic, but rather a true process of the psychological design of human beings. Most people are unaware of the specific method that connects people although they can “subconsciously” meet the essentials required to make a connection, all be it hit-and-miss. What we deliver is the ability to first be consciously aware of the principles and to apply them consistently resulting in more interaction converting into positive experiences.          

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