Victor Midgley Results Advisors

Victor Midgley is an organization with a team of seasoned advisors that can support a company’s growth by teaching, coaching and mentoring individuals how to be successful in business and in personal life. The lessons taught are authored by Victor Midgley, a legendary results consultant. The content is based on decades of research, study and implementation. The principles are proven to increase the productivity in people, rewarding them and the company they work for with abundance and prosperity. Don’t wait to get started – contact us today!


3 Key Principles

For more than 30 years Victor Midgley has researched and studied from renowned teachers, principles that are key to producing quantum success. When you master people interaction, leadership and personal development skills; you posses the resources to drive amazing results for you!

Success Paradigm

Achievement does not occur by accident. Success is a habit, but a habit of good actions. We do not teach to teach. Our objective is to provide instruction and support that will produce positve results. 

Success Psychology

Those people who have achieved high level success agree that 80% of success is psychology and 20% is strategy.  Psychology is much more than a positive attitude. Victor Midgley, for most his life, has been a student of the human psychology and the universal laws of life that governs and predicts the physical manifestation of your dreams. 


There are three essential elements to creating a positive experience for yourself and achieving abundance and prosperity in your life. We can provide a deep well of content and instruction that can keep our support active for a long-long time or we can share the principles with you in a day that will change your life forever!  These lessons within the three courses we refer to as “Perfect People” and once you begin the training, you will understand why.

Conversation Development

This course teaches the principles of human interaction and develops the skill of conversation with others that connects people in a memorable way and motivates other people to be a resource.

Leadership Development

Leadership is a tragic epidemic among human beings. This course prepares you to take lead of your personal and professional life. We introduce key principles that generates Legendary Leadership.

Personal Development

This course is the epic education to achieving abundance and prosperity. The formula to working with the laws of creation are exposed and the secret to making lasting change is revealed.


Although the core doctrines are set, there are various methods of receiving the principles. You can customize how you would like to obtain the instruction. People will have a preference for how they like being taught or how they best retain information . We provide several tools, all designed to impact the student.  

Online Training

Online Training includes a login subscription, which gives the member access to dozens of LMS lessons and material as well as downloadable audios and videos. There is also a gamification program included.

Live Training

Victor Midgley and a partner will prepare a 1 day – live presentation of 1 of the 3 courses. The presentation will be interactive and include handouts and a one-month subscription to the online tools.

Ongoing Training

Customize an ongoing program that include the resources of Victor Midgley Advisors. The standard program includes:

  1. Advisory / Consulting
  2. 1 weekly team training
  3. 10-30 min. coaching sessions
  4. Online Subscription


The ultimate benefit is improvement. Benjamin Franklin once said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” The more you know, the better prepared you are to tackle the hurdles that life throws in your way. It’s not enough to rest on what you know. What really matters is how you know! For more than 30 years Victor Midgley has been a teacher, coach and manager in environments that requires constant achievement. These principles are tried and proven in tough environments. Your life will improve in a dramatic way when you study the programs designed by Victor Midgley.  

Increased Productivity
Employee Retention
Customer Satisfaction
Qualified Leadership
Elevated Culture