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Getting Started


The best way to get the most out of the online study tools is to follow the recommended steps below.  

No detailed information is required, just a username and password. The site and tools are free, so no payment information is collected. We do not sell any of your information, so you are safe! There are some programs that will track your progress, and we need to know you to record your progress and you will know what you have completed. Click Here to sign up or click here to login.

There are dozens of topics / lessons you can select from. You can study any topic that appeals to you and you can study in any order. You can return anytime to review any of the content as many times as you wish. Click Here to see the topics list or Click Here to get to the tools directory.   

The article will introduce the fundamental principles pertaining to the topic. The topic of each article will be in alignment with the principles that are consistent with the philosophy of Victor Midgley, which provides insight to methods of achievement. Click Here to see the list of articles

You can either read the article first or read the article and listen to the audio at the same time. When you read and listen at the same time, this practice activates both sides of the brain and the retention of the information becomes greatly increased. Click Here to go directly to the audio directory.

After reading the article and listening to the audio, when you watch the article, you will pick up a lot more because you are activating the visual element of your learning senses. Click Here to go to the video directory 

If you have followed the program by step, you should be familiar with the content and you are ready to measure your retention of the information. This step, you will review of the topic and then take a short quiz that will grade your understanding of the information. Your score only you see and you can take the quiz as many times as you’d like. Click here to access the review through the study tools directory. 

The LMS is our “Learning Management System”, this sophisticated program gives you the best learning experience next to live coaching. The LMS guides you through the topic in a methodical way and will track your progress. You can earn credits by going through the courses and redeem them for rewards. You can access the LMS through the study tools directory. 

Each step is designed to help re-enforce the understanding of the principles within each topic. The live event would be either a webinar, or seminar. You are not required to complete a prior step before attending an event, but it is far more effective if you are prepared for the event. You can check out the schedule of upcoming events here. 

Step 9: 1-on-1 Advisory / Coaching

Upon completing all the prior steps of studying one topic, you are eligible for one free 1-on-1 coaching session (30-minutes) with Victor Midgley (depending on availability) or one the VMI advisors. To schedule a coaching call click here. 

“The world is changing and the new normal will require people becoming more in tune with themselves and with others. We are living in a time when we are drowning in information, but starving for wisdom. Wisdom will be found in how the information is organized. We provide a proven method for learning essential information that will educate and  lead you to abundance and prosperity.”

The VMI Learning Pyramid

The (VMI) 4 Phases of Prosperity & Abundance





Victor Midgley Institute of Progressive Learning uses a proven method for educating students in an effective way that will inspire, help retain the information and most important deliver productive results guaranteed! 

Proven Information

There are countless programs and “so-called” experts that teach methods of improvement and progression. Although many of the programs I have investigated, are self-serving and provide little substance if any at all. On the other hand, There are a few chosen instructors with deep wisdom gained through much study, research and experience. Victor has been in pursuit of the code to prosperity and abundance for 40 years, Victor has studied under the most prestigious and renowned experts he has consulted dozens of fortune 500 companies and taught hundreds more individuals. Victor Midgley and his teachings are among the most sought after in the world. The philosophy and curriculum will ensure you quick results.    

Receive Information

The key to the successful track record of Victor Midgley, is in the delivery of the message and the organized method of the content. As true teachers, we understand how human beings receive, organize and retain information. We also recognize that without implementation or execution of valid information, results cannot be attained. You will find with VMI there is a simple process of obtaining precept upon precept through the NLP methods. First, there is the written word and then an audio, next a video and then a review / quiz and finally a Learning Management System (LMS). 

Apply Repeatedly

It is your behavior that produces your results. Behavior is produced by what you do over and over and over again. Bad habits produce bad results just as good habits produce good results. We understand that receiving this powerful information is not enough, you will need support to apply what is taught repeatedly. When these principles become “conditioned” in your mind, your behavior shifts and you gain the result you are seeking.

Habits / Behavior

Habit is an automatic – programmed behavior produced from repeated rituals. People take action based in large part what comes automatic or natural. When the results are contrary to what is hoped for, it is the cause of the information that is accepted and the actions that are taken over again. For most people, there is little attention given to the habits and/or where they came from. When a person gains wisdom and takes repeated action that is in alignment with the goal, philosophy and rituals; the vision of what a person wants will be manifested.   




This is a free membership subscription to all online tools within the Victor Midgley Institute of Progressive Learning. Check the directory page for newly added content.


$100 per mo.

Unlimited online access along with one 30 minute coaching session per week on your schedule.


$15,000 per year

The annual plan gives the member a full year membership access to all the training and development content of this website and unlimited 1-on-1 coaching. The member is guaranteed results (double income) and qualifies for rewards at the end of their subscription.


$10,000 per mo.

This plan gives a company access to the online tools,, up to 10 / 30 minute coaching sessions per week, 1 team training session per week and general consulting.

Who We Help - Which Best Describes You?


“I could use some guidance. I am at a bit of a loss, I have been through some tough times and I cannot get a good handle on why I seem to attract bad luck. I need to get clear with my goals and I need some motivation.” 


“I have a job that depends on my ability to produce. I would like to improve my people interaction skills so I can increase my productivity and be looked at for a promotion or raise. I would also like to learn how to obtain resources that could lead me to opportunities.”


“I have a pretty good life and I have obtained some success, but I am ready to accelerate my progress and reach a higher level of wealth and experiences. I feel that there is something more than what I have.”


“I am a success as far as the world is concerned. I am a business owner or an executive. I have wealth and I have accumulated much. However, I feel unfulfilled and that life has been a let down.” 


“I sense there is something more to life! I have been on a journey in search of the “holy grail” of the purpose of my existence. I am ready to come to the mountain and receive the secret to immortality by leaving a legendary legacy.”