I cannot think of a more common state of emotion among people than the sense of being in a place of confinement, restriction – stuck. What I mean by “stuck”, as you all can probably relate, is a place where there seems to be no movement and you cannot find a door or path that leads out of the cage that encircles about you, keeping you “in”. I also recognize that there are endless attempts, from writers of every kind, to tackle this subject. Perhaps something you have read along the way may of had impact. My hope, however, is to offer you better results than you may have had in the past.

I believe this place of “stuck” I am referring to, is not necessarily a trauma induced condition that triggers depressive moods or a medication dependency to control depression, but something more like a temporary slump. The very fact that defining what being stuck is, can be somewhat arbitrary.  But could also provide the clues necessary to overcoming the stationary state.

It does not matter who you are, what your background, age, gender, occupation, etc. is; no one is exempt from feeling stuck. In a previous article, I wrote about “happiness” being an emotion that is a product of progress. Progress being defined as; “forward or onward movement toward a destination.” We human beings, were wired to move forward. You don’t have to think about it long, before realizing all our activity is centered on celebrating growth, progress and improvement. We are also wired with a compass that measures emotion, and we call this internal compass “happiness” and that guides our progress.

When we feel an emotion that is associated with being blocked, that emotion (feeling) cannot be defined as happiness. Happiness is the emotion that defines progress. Progress perpetuates more progress and progress is created from an energetic alignment with your goals, vision or ideas. By the same “law” (relativity), just as happiness perpetuates progress, depression perpetuates more of being stuck. Thus, the state of being stuck seems permanent and hopeless, unless maybe, if something “out of your control” miraculously happens to move you out of that state.

Here is the good news, being stuck is not permanent or hopeless. The first step to getting unstuck is to recognize why you feel stuck in the first place. Being stuck is not because of the situation, but because you are perceiving that you are not progressing. Being stuck or progressing is solely the effect of what meaning you give to your current conscious reality that you are experiencing. For instance, every experience you have or have ever had, you give it meaning. “Was it good, or was it bad?” Did you learn from it or did it hurt you? Some people will even go deeper with the meaning and give the experience more detail. They might attach a lot of painful emotion to the experience and spread the cause across a broad area and that will send people into a deep emotion hole that is very difficult to dig out of.

I speak a lot about the natural laws of the universe, and there one law in particular I learned about in Bob Proctors book, “You Were Born Rich” that explains the law of polarity, which I think has application to the topic I am sharing with you now. The law of polarity states that there are two sides to everything, but they reside on opposite poles. for instance, cold and heat are not two separate things, they are the same thing, but on opposite poles. Cold is the opposite of heat, poor is the opposite of rich, front is the opposite of back and good is the opposite of bad. No matter how difficult a situation seems to you, there is an opposite side, another way to look at it that is better or worse than your current perspective. The point is, you have a choice how you will view something.

I understand it may come across as condescending to just say to someone who is stuck, to try and find the good in the situation when you are caught up in the emotion that can’t find one. If you can accept the law of polarity as a truth, you will be able to control the moments when you feel stuck. Understand how emotions play into your perception that you are stuck. Give thought and focus to your memory of times when this law worked out for you and you progressed. Believe in the principle that all things work for your good. There is also a law of seasons I will address in another article, and that will explain how by nature, moments pass and whatever moment of being “stuck” that you feel now, it will pass as the seasons pass. That is by law. Endure and use your inherent abilities to move past the moments you are feeling stuck and you will recognize a shift in your energy and you will experience prosperity quickly.