“To help people of all walks of life and in any career capacity make progress, achieve prosperity and experience abundance. Our objective is to spread the true, powerful and effective message of hope, fulfillment, and joy throughout the world and inspire people to be more. We provide the instruction, guidance, support and resources that places people on the path that leads to anything they can imagine”   


All people are entitled to an INHERITANCE of progress, prosperity and abundance regardless of status.

Based on the studies of human psychology, natural laws of science and religious philosophy, there is a consistent truth; human beings own their personal experience and can create whatsoever they can imagine.

The theme brought to you by Victor Midgley, is that momentum is the key to easily attaining anything you want. We will teach the how, why and what to doing it!


Victor Midgley maintains more than 40 years of experience working with thousands of people and changing lives with miraculous results. Proof is in the real life experience of people who have been effected by Victor Midgley’s teachings. Victor is also an avid student of the worlds most renowned philosophers. Victor holds a masters degree in Business Management and a minor in Consumer Science.     


The paradigm authored by Victor Midgley includes these basic principles:

The ultimate desire of all human beings, is to experience fulfillment and Joy. What that looks like is the design of each person, but can only be attained when enough “like” energy is accumulated to manifest the reality of that thing you desire. Momentum becomes the key to this achievement.  


The teachings authored by Victor Midgley consists basically of 4 principles:

Victor Midgley Success Advisors

Victor Midgley Success Advisors provides in-person instruction and coaching / mentoring

Perfect People Online Academy

Perfect People Online Academy provides online resources that teach the Victor Midgley methodology and curriculum

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“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

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