The topic of happiness may very well be the most written and most read topic in human history, I get it! However, I plan to share with you in this article what I have come to understand about the subject that is hardly ever addressed. Before you judge my take on this matter, I would like to make the point that – I like you, have been in pursuit of a satisfying answer to “how can I achieve happiness consistently?” I have read mountains of books and I have invested what seems like thousands of hours in research and study regarding this question. I have been at it for more than 40 years. I have been fortunate to have had a successful career in helping hundreds of people land on the right side of abundance and prosperity. That being said. the assessment and validation of what I will share with you is completely yours to decide. You decide what you will accept as helpful and what you will incorporate in your life, if any of it.

In my work as a corporate production consultant and my one-on-one work counseling individuals, I come across many who express to me their struggles and feeling of unhappiness. It is unfortunate that so many people are in this “state” of disappointment. The more I drill down with the source of their condition, I find that most people are commonly over stressed, over worked, have a lack resources, and feel as though they have fallen way short of their dreams. I often hear people say that they will be happy when… (fill in the blank). I realize the common answer to; “I will be happy when”, is “when I have a lot of money.” I like the comment my friend Les Brown made; he said, “money may not buy you happiness, but I would sure like to find out for myself.” Ironically, I know a lot of very wealthy people who are far from happy. I do want to make clear, that desiring wealth and possessions is not wrong. The reason why most people confuse money and possessions for happiness is because of the meaning they give to the possessions and the misunderstanding of the feeling derived from the item. For instance, a person may wish for and acquire a big house they thought would make them happy and it did for a while, but then they thought because the first house made them happy for a while, it must mean they need to acquire another big house, but they got the same result. This is a true story by the way.

What I would like to leave with you in this article, is assistance to help you better understand that happiness is not an achievement, but rather an emotion. People tend to desire things because of the feeling they believe they will get from that thing or experience. Happiness is a fleeting experience, meaning that the feeling is short lived. This brief emotional state is by design. While society has either conditioned the masses to buy into the idea that happiness is the ultimate accomplishment or there is a major misunderstanding of how we as a human race define happiness and express success. This explains why some people can be happy with few possessions and others need to acquire more and more and then even more and still cannot seem to be happy. This also explains why some who seem to possess little, justify their “lack” or attempt to impart their philosophy of happiness as being found in humble circumstances. Neither situation is the actual point to happiness. The point is, happiness was never to be measured in the possessions, but needs to be understood that happiness is an emotion that is manufactured as a result of an individual maintaining a sense of progress. Progress is the act of forward movement toward a destination.

Anyone can achieve the emotion of happiness instantly by simply deciding to focus on a vision or thought that generates an uplifting emotion. what to focus on is far more important than achieving tangible things. Happiness is an emotion, which in its basic definition is energy in vibration that ultimately manifests an idea into physical reality. So, if happiness is an emotion that serves as a compass, so to speak, that guides our thoughts; then what are we working towards? Based on my study, research and experience; what we seek most, is the higher emotion or (energy) referred to as JOY. Joy is fixed to fulfillment, fulfillment meaning filled or completed. All human beings exist to create. Create what? – Whatever we imagine in our minds. When the detailed dream is manifested in physical form, we have participated in the ultimate exercise of orchestrating creation. This is the ultimate purpose of people and what will provide you and me with the optimal human experience. It does not matter if you achieve mansions or friendships so long as your creation is aligned with the idea, vision or dream that gave birth to the reality.

Make certain your dreams are first what you really want and then make sure that vision is detailed in your mind. If you feel an emotion that defines happiness (excitement, passion, good), you are on the right track, but you are not done. Follow the happiness until you have arrived at joy and then repeat the process and you will truly be wealthy, not because of your possessions, but because you are mastering your creative powers.