Victor Midgley Training


Knowledge Base Directory

All new employees are required to run through this brief overview of the training curriculum in preparation of the formal training. 

Training should be a methodical process. This training model helps individuals hold the company to an expectation and process that will provide appropriate information. 

This section will help introduce new employees to the Company history and vision. The idea is to help employees understand the companies purpose and how employees fit in to that process and vision.

When in doubt with what the duty of your position, this section will provide the official outline to help keep you on track without confusion.

Get the latest Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and clear understanding of what expectations are and activities that lead to the goals and quota’s.   

There is a strategy for achieving high performance, having a plan to get the most out of your day is key. This section provides a Time Management Model to help you manage you days.

There is no better way to learn the call process than to hear how calls are being handled currently. Rather than spend wasted time “shadowing” agents – this section will list several recorded calls for your

This section offers a quick guide to the most common rebuttals and the simplest response that will get you on the corrected path.

This section will give you the “managing resistance” model that has helped manage millions of conversation toward a productive conclusion.

This section will list the most common tips and pointers that this position most encounters. Understanding this will offer your best chance a success in your job.

Many conversation begin with Email and Social Media correspondence. This section will help you with ideas on appropriate framing of your message.