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A quality leader is a rare commodity and legendary leader is a value to people of all stations all around the world. This course may be the most advanced leadership education available. This course will particularly provide instruction that rewrites leadership and leader that is specific to all human beings regardless of desire or ambition. You don’t have to want to serve professionally in a leadership capacity to gain value from this course. Legendary Leadership by Victor Midgley, will teach principles that elevates a person to a confidence to will produce prosperity and abundance in life personally or professionally.   

Our lessons are principle based and our method is proven over 20 years to deliver progress in all areas of life.

To be a great leader, you begin with a philosophy, an idea that is proven to deliver results. This course is designed to lay the ground work for becoming a legendary leader beginning over your personal life and then over people.  

Perhaps the most important element of being a legendary leader, is the skill of making good decisions. Decisions determine destiny and destiny.

Getting people buy into your ideas and go to battle with you so to speak, is a skill few leader have. When you understand the 6 human needs, you are in a position to support other people who will in-turn support you.


Accountability, has so many different and even sometimes conflicting definitions. Is seems to be an over-used word that looses its meaning over time. This lesson gives a definite understanding of accountability that will lead to a unified effort toward amazing results.   

Legendary Leadership centers on an ability to be be resourceful. Work with a higher standard, expecting more of you than anyone else could ever expect. When you are driven, the resources you need to achieve your goals will manifest. 

Most people confuse activity for achievement. Being focused on the objective will insure you don’t get caught in the weeds. Understand the difference and strategy will get you to your goals.

"Legendary Leadership" Training Course

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