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Call Center Operations perform at a much higher level with an experienced leader. Victor Midgley Training offers the most thorough and effective education relevant to the fast-paced, high-demand pressures of a call center environment. A quality call center leader can make the difference between success and disaster to your call center operation. It may be the greatest liability for any call center. Now you have a solution! Our 6 lessons are tailored to the call center environment and will ensure your operation is lead by a qualified leader with an appropriate education to lead your team to success. 


December 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah

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9am to 2pm

10011 Centennial Pkwy #510, Sandy, UT 84070


1. The Journey
2. Influence
3. Decisions
4. Accountability
5. Resources
6. Results
Secrets to Success

Leadership is not a title or an appointment. A leader doesn’t need people to follow them to be considered a leader. VMT teaches, Leadership is character. Leaders will do things on their terms in all aspects of their life. It is not what you get, but rather what you become. This course will open your eye’s to the world of Legendary Leadership and the journey that will take you to prosperity and abundance. 

Leadership begins with understanding the power of influence, not just the influence other people will have on you, but the influence you will have on other people. It is this influence the that activates the energy vibration between people.The intensity of this influence will create great opportunities in your life.

A leader is a good decision maker. No one will always make the right decision all the time, so understanding what decisions are, how to define them and getting real good at making productive decisions is an art the VMT will help you with in your quest to be a Legendary Leaders.  

Perhaps the most misunderstood quality of a Leader is “accountability.” This element of leadership is so often mis-defined and thus causes a great deal of misfires in an organization. When you get what accountability really is, you can better manage an organization of people, furthermore you yourself can hold yourself to a higher standard that will give others a perfect example of accountability.  

Discovering resources takes resourcefulness. A leader can identify and leverage their resources to move forward and be successful. The appropriate resources acted on at the right time create an explosive energy that will create amazing results. 

We all aspire to be productive, but what gets missed over-and- over again is defining what it is we want to achieve. Without a clear understating of what defines results it is very difficult to achieve the result that will create satisfaction and a sense of peace that your efforts are getting you to the desired desitnation.

There is a what seems like a secret to being successful. As mortal beings, we tend to experience life through our physical senses. These tools limit our full experience of happiness and creates misunderstanding, missed perceptions and confusions. An understanding of our “mental faculties” and how to gain access to these higher detectors will dramatically improve your professional and personal life.