Sounds impossible if not wrong to say it out loud, doesn’t it? As a human race, it seems to have found its way into our heads and actions that if we want to achieve anything it is supposed to be hard. This conditioning of our beliefs, to me, is the very source of why so many people find themselves spinning their wheels and not making progress. Many people are living in “dogma”, they are living a script. Most people live the way they have come to believe someone else, they may hold in high regard, expects them to live. Usually parents, peers, religious leaders, or a culture. So much stress, due to conflict within, prohibits people from living a fulfilled life.

Changing the idea that you should and can fly on your own merits, without the structure someone else has laid down for you, can be an intimidating proposition; scary. We put so much trust in our parents, religious leaders and other people that they have figured out how to navigate life, that we fear the; “what if I am wrong” outcome or the fear of disappointing those we respect because we chose a different path than they would expect us to choose.

The great philosopher of ancient times gave the advice “Know Thyself”, but to add to that, I say “Be Thyself” and then “Give of Thyself.” These three ideals will lead you to a fulfilled life experience.

Know Thyself, to me implies that we should be in tune with the energy-emotions of our inner self. One thing that science, religion and philosophers all agree on, is that we exist as spirit and physical beings. No need for me to get too deep into that idea. What is important, is that you take time to meditate, pause from your daily demands and be still, listen to what is compelling you. Written in the TAO is this quote, “to the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” We spend a great deal of time worrying about who we ought to become, but we should instead take time to be who we already are at heart.  Our ego gets in the way of our true self, which we find by being receptive to the outside world rather than focusing on some critical, too ambitious, internal image. When we let go of who we think we are now we have a much better chance at becoming what we might be.  Nature is useful in helping us find ourselves. The Christian Bible states, “God created all things that they might fulfill the measure of their creation.” To me, that means we are all to be what we are supposed to be. Others will not always agree with your choices, you will disappoint people and you will lose friends. All those painful experiences are going to happen regardless of what choices you make. At the end of the day, the only thing left for you to count on is yourself and the only question to ask is; “am I true to me?” It is in that truth and alignment with yourself that good works comes from.

Be Thyself, is not possible if you don’t know thyself. Know that you are one of a kind and there is no other nor will there ever be another with the combination of details that makes you-you. Being who you are will not only be fulfilling but will allow you to do good for others. It takes discipline/will, courage and faith to trust in being you, especially if what you do is contrary to what others in your current circle of influence expect of you. You don’t need to look, behave or perform any other way than what comes natural to you.

Give of Thyself. Our existence has no meaning if we do not offer to the world our true self. Whatever that looks like, if you fulfill the measure of your creation, you will have something of value to offer. Most people live in conflict; trying to live up to an expectation, image or illusion that on the surface is appealing, but the conflicting energy within fails to create something of substance that is lasting.

Finally, I tell you with all the fiber of my being, the biggest lie you were told is that life is hard. The truth, life is supposed to be easy! When you are aligned with who you are supposed to be, things will come easy to you. Seek and do the things that come natural and easy to you. Note that the things that are easy to do are also easy not to do. So, you must work diligently at it and do not get lazy. There is no need to feel guilty about anything that comes easy, especially if you stick to it. Easy is another way of saying you are aligned with your true nature.       



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