STEP 1 / Register or Log In

Complete the short registration form with your name, email address, username and password. You will be redirected to the payment gateway to complete your subscription.

STEP 2 / Begin Taking a Course

The first required course is "6 Steps to a Compelling Conversation"

The courses are structured with 6 to 10 lessons that include articles, videos and audios with instruction and examples taught by Victor Midgley. Notes are included for download. Each month a new featured lesson will be offered and invites to monthly webinars are included.

STEP 3 / Earn Credits

Credits (points) are awarded for completing lessons and courses. Additionally, credits can be earned for “on the job” performance. As a member accumulates credits, their stock increases and they become eligible for the incentive programs offered by the members employer or Victor Midgley Training.
Training Courses
1,000 credit points are awarded for completion of each course and successfully passing the final quiz. Courses must be completed in order – starting with the “6 Steps to a Compelling Conversation”
Extra Credit Lessons
After completion of the “course-course” extra credit lesson will be available. New lessons are posted every month, they will follow the same pattern and upon passing the final quiz, 100 credit points will be awarded.
The member who complete the 4 courses will be considered certified. An additional 1,000 credits will be awarded to the member who completes all 4 courses and scores higher than 90% on each quiz.
On the Job
When a member is taught, learns and implements the lessons we teach to produce positive results at their current job, we believe that is deserving of credit. When a member receives recognition from their employer for a job well done, they can submit a “nomination for credit” form and our committee will review and award appropriate credit (50 to 250) to the members profile.
From time-to-time VMT and/or the client will host a competition of varies types. As an incentive, extra credits will be awarded to the winner or top performers.
This program will be available in July of 2017. This new program consists of an application for the smart-phone. When the member schedules a time to study, the app will send a reminder and the member can check “Yes” or “No” if they completed the study (study can be as little as 10-15 minutes). When the member has studied for 90 consecutive days, they earn 250 credits.

STEP 4 / Gamification (Badges)

Extra Credit
On The Job
VMT Member
Qualidied Pro
Club Royale

STEP 5 / Incentives

***Turn Your Earned Credits into Amazing Incentives***

Businessman attracts money with a large magnet
More Productivity
Employer Rewards
Employee Raise
Employee Raise
Job Promotion
Gift Cards5
Gift Cards from VMT
VMT Scholarship
Join Our Team
New Job Opportunities
Paid Trip from VMT