Victor Midgley Training (VMT)



6 Steps to a Compelling Conversation - 01

This course is the keystone program and our claim to fame! This program alone has improved companies and lives in a colossal way. Teaching compelling conversation skills, which is quickly becoming a lost art, is a fundamental component to progress and prosperity in the life experience of people. No one teaches this topic better than Victor Midgley Training.

Becoming a Legendary Leader - 02

Research proves that “leadership” is the single biggest deficit call centers face today. The cause is the complex demand of a rapid growing occupation and the lack of education available. Our 30 years of successful experience qualifies us to teach this topic with superior results. This course offers the key elements of legendary leadership.

Advanced Call Center Operations - 03

This course offers the “what you must know and they don’t teach” about how to operate a successful call center. From facility design to technologies, to recruiting appropriate talent to economics and everything in-between. This course was designed as part of University cirriculumn.

Above and Beyond - 04

This course is a collection of lessons that are offered in our on-going education series. Lesson include etiquette, how-to’s, proper language, goal setting, motivational topics, and much more. New lessons are added each month and the learning possibilities are endless.


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Online Training and Gamification- 05

The online training program offers the individual a plethora of lessons, exercises, videos, audios and other resources to promote the learning process. The more the “subscribed member” studies, the more credits and badges that can be earned. Credits can be redeemed for rewards. Learning mad fun!

Team Training by Phone or Skype - 06

This program is a great way for your team to receive this course without committing a lot of time and budget. Once a week for 30 minute sessions, our certified instructor will teach a lesson by conference call or Skype.

1-on-1 Coaching - 07

The coaching program is an “add-on” to the training and designed to assist in implementation of the principles and techniques taught. Coaching will accelerate the productivity of the employee. A VMT certified instructor is assigned to conduct the 1-on-1 / 30 minute session by phone/Skype every 10-days.

Leadership Mentoring - 08

Leadership mentoring assigns a VMT senior adviser to the client’s manager or other leader and conducts training and mentoring typically by phone / skype or in-person if the client requires. This program has proven to develop competent and qualified leader prepared to oversee a successful operation.

Live Webinars - 09

The live webinars will add to the principles taught in the courses and offers a variety of angles and new perspectives that will add to what is taught and how the lessons are delivered.


Onsite Training - 10

This traditional onsite training program is presented by Victor Midgley himself and is conducted on the clients site in a classroom setting with power-point, whiteboard and video devices. This program promises to be entertaining and inspiring. The onsite offering continues to be our most requested of all our services.

Call Center Management - 11

If your company operates a call center that cannot afford to turn it over to inexperienced leadership, we are a great option for you. We can take over the management of your call center by assigning a qualified tenured manager to oversee and manage your call center either short-term or long-term.

Operations Consulting - 12

This offering gives a client a top-senior adviser to add to their current team of executives. Our VMT consultant will offer insight, counsel and resources to contribute to the growth and success of their call center.


Call Monitoring & Call Scoring - 13

One of the most challenging functions for any call center is monitoring calls, either live or recorded. Taking the time is a challenge and even more challenging is objectively evaluating the conversation. Our administrators are qualified at appropriately gauging calls and pointing out calls for our coaches to coach.

Operations Analysis - 14

We are looked to by several of our clients to provide our professional observation of how a call center is performing. We have created a 90-point checklist that we use when considering and analyzing how a call center operation is performing. This checklist is the most comprehensive analysis available to call centers and from the foremost expert in the space.

Personal Progress - 15

No other firm can offer a more precise and appropriate agent progress report like VMT. The report is simple to interpret and is aligned with the principles taught in the “compelling conversation” course. The report includes scores and graphs that makes it easy to read at a glance.

Weekly Assessment - 16

Clients love working with us because of our constant communication. Along with daily interaction and reporting of our efforts, we will offer a weekly assessment of activity, assignments and progress. with our continuing collaboration with you, you are more able to take actions that will benefit your organization sooner rather than later.

Weekly Digital News Letter - 17

Our organization has been asked to contribute blogs, articles and advice to the worlds largest and most respected NPO Associations that provide best practice information and resources specific to call center operations. We provide the links and other resources to our clients in a weekly news letter.