Victor Midgley Training


Online Training is a monthly subscription to dozens of courses and other resources acessable via the web.  

The program offers each member access to essential instruction, pertaining to compelling conversation skills, leadership development and personal development tracking completion and scores through our LMS (learning management system).

Completion of a lesson takes approximately 20 to 25 minutes to complete and upon passing the quiz, the member will receive credit points. The accumulation of points then can be redeemed for rewards.

A subscribed member can take a lesson at their pace and on their time frame. 

The current directory of lessons holds dozens of topics with new lessons added every week.

Points are calculated automatically and post on the individual’s account profile immediately after passing a lesson. 

Our rewards page currently offers dozens of gift cards with multiple amounts that earned credit points can be redeemed for. New incentives ideas will be added frequently. 


Onsite Training brings the exclusive programs live to your office.

Any of the three courses are available to presented:

  1. The Art of Compelling Conversation
  2. Legendary Leadership
  3. Personal Development

To present either of the courses usually takes around 6.5 hours (full day).  The program is presented via PowerPoint and includes videos, exercises and handouts.

The live instructor is able to provide details about each topic that can be missed in the online courses. Also, attendees are able to ask questions and get answers real time. Often times, Victor Midgley will be able to conduct the training session, but a certified instructor will always present the program. 


OngoingTraining can include scheduled 1-on-1 coaching and/or weekly team training via web tools. 

The VMT certified trainer will provide coaching and mentoring instruction that will be specific to need of the student. 

The ongoing instruction is a proven method that affects productive behavior and generates growth and improved culture for an organization.

You can set your own schedule and even schedule live onsite instruction monthly, quarterly, or annually.    


A Corporate Training curriculum should be divided into 4 quadrants. Studies show that companies in general spend about 7% of training on skills development. We find that the little skill training a company does provide is centered on how to convey their message and thus true conversation development is neglected.

We do not seek to take the place of your current training department, but to support it by delivering world class instruction that promotes successful results by connecting with people and conveying an influential message.      

We are educators who’s ultimate objective is to effect positive change in people’s behavior that will lead to prosperity and abundance.

The natural laws of the “universe” prove that all that people receive is the result of our consistent actions, and those actions are formed by habit, which are conditioned by what we do over and over.

What we do over and over comes from what we learn and accessible that information is to us. The most important decision one can make, is whose “plan” are buying. In other words, the philosophy and the direction you choose to incorporate in your life can either set you back years or move your progress at light-speed!

We authored and teach the programs we offer. We have proven the principles over 25 years and thousands of individuals. We have studied and researched the most successful people in the world. We have a track record unmatched by any training provider particularly in the customer engagement profession.