Victor Midgley has been inspiring audiences all over the world for more than 25 years. He has been featured as a keynote speaker at conferences, company events and for non profit organizations. He has experience addressing small groups to large congregations of more than a thousand attendees. From the Philippines to Canada and across the United States, Victor’s powerful message of how to build momentum in your life that results in progress, prosperity and abundance of anything you can imagine, applies to all human beings regardless of your circumstances, background or location.    

Victor Midgley teaches that in life, there are no coincidences. All things work for our good and an innate understanding that our reality is governed by natural-universal law. When you gain this understanding, the things that once prohibited your progress move out of your way and you align on a clear path to that vision you have for what you believe will create joy in your life. Regardless of what you want, Victor Midgley can guide you to it!     

Victor Midgley has been a confidant to many since his teen years. He has influenced many who have been down in the dumps to pick themselves up and aspire to greater achievements. Victor has participated on several championship teams as an athlete and head coach, Victor has been an entrepreneur most his professional career and has turned around several companies as a consultant. Now in the prime of his career, Victor has set out to teach his program, which he authored and titled; “The Unlimited Fortune.” This program is the culmination for a lifetime of study and research of the worlds most renowned scholars in human psychology and personal growth. Victor has been an avid student of ancient texts, world religions and the science  do quantum physics. All the knowledge and research is taught by Victor in a unique simple method for all to experience.       

Victor Midgley works with a team of qualified speakers and instructors with a broad range of experiences and background that appeals to specific groups and challenges who can accompany Victor.