Amanda Hastings
 Victor made a big difference with our company. I have personally kept in touch because of what I learn through his training programs. 
Kenneth Barton
 We were not disappointed in the training and coaching Victor provided for our call center agents. We would recommend him to anyone especially a struggling call center. 
Mary Butler
 Victor was a life-saver for our customer service operation. He mentored me and improved the overall skills of our customer service representatives. I love his training program! 
Bret Butterfield
 Victor has a lot of experience developing people skills particularly customer service reps. Victor and I have worked on hundreds or projects over many years and I have seen first hand his effect on people to produce positive results. Victor certainly knows what he is doing and no one is better at motivating people.  
Kevin Graves
 There is no one I trust more than Victor Midgley when it comes to teaching sales representatives. I have seen productivity increase right away after going through his training courses. 
Carl Bowers
 I have known Victor for many years and have always enjoyed and learned something new from his training every time we go through it. Good stuff!  
Melinda Hale
 The training we received by Victor Midgley has been more effective than any training we have ever been through. I like the content and the videos. I would recommend this training to anyone who interacts with customers!  
Adam Sessions
 Victor has an impressive training program and we have become better for learning it. We met 5 years ago and we keep bringing him back. 
Heather Long
 Working with Victor Midgley has been key to our success as an operation. We expected to have him train us for a couple months and we have worked with him over two years and our culture has really improved. I highly recommend Victor! 
Steve Bullough
 I have enlisted the services of Victor Midgley and his company over 15 years and for several projects. His model is proven and our productivity always improves after he works with our people. 
Amber Ledbetter
 I have been through many training courses and have never seen anything like Victor Midgley Training. These lessons improved my career and my life. 

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