I often get asked by people when they learn how long I have worked in the Call Center space, what is it about Call Centers that could possibly keep me engaged in that tough world of never ending stress? For me, the answer is easy. There isn’t another profession that is better suited to develop a skill, talent or character that is noted by many experts as an essential principle to our individual progress and prosperity in our lives. I have studied many of this worlds leading experts in personal development from Plato to Robbins. Of the many authorities on the subject, those who have written books and whose words of wisdom have spread across the globe. There seems to me, a common path to success (whether emotional or monitory) that all who achieve great wealth follow. To the, so called “average” person, the steps to realizing abundance goes mostly unnoticed. Sometimes the steps seem too easy to be substantial and sometimes the “what to do” makes sense, but the “how to do” is not clearly revealed. I for one do not subscribe to arbitrary philosophy or subjective opinion. All you seem to get with random rhetoric is spinning wheels and no traction. One of the most important sources of information you can attain in this life is the LAW OF CONNECTION. The law of connection states; in order for you to grow and advance in whatever you do, you will need the resources of other people. Not just other people, but people you have a connection with. By connection I mean you are tied with another through a common purpose, whether big of small, long term or short term you will need each other to accomplish the purpose. I like how Les Brown says it, “People can take you places inside yourself you can’t get to by yourself.” Connecting with other people takes on a whole new set of rules. I dare say social media and current cultural influences are muddying the waters. I get it that attempting to converse with some people can be frustrating and yet there are other times when conversing with some people can be a pleasant experience. My point to you is that the positive or negative experiences are not random, it’s not a luck of the draw or dictated by the other persons attitude. You can have a compelling conversation with anyone you come in contact with when you know what the steps are and how to apply them in a conversation. Connecting with people is a required attribute to achievement of great and wonderful gifts this life experience offers. Learning how to convert a conversation into a powerful resource promises great rewards. I love teaching the secrets to compelling conversation. I get to see first hand careers improve and personal lives change. Again I state that there is no better place to teach and share such impactful lessons than within the call center space. When I can help overcome the stress and frustration that tends to be predominate in call centers, then I can provide something of great value. That is why I do it!


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