We’ve all heard it before, “sticks and stones may break my bones – but words can never hurt me.” Maybe we get the meaning of this age-old saying, but it isn’t true – not by a long shot! Words do influence our emotions for better or for worse. Words are indeed very powerful although, not as powerful as tones and intent; but powerful nonetheless. Understand that there are more than 6,000 languages and dialects across the world and translation and interpretation can effect the accuracy of the meaning of the message. Words are symbolic to the expression of the experience and idea we are attempting to convey. Words are very often inadequate and sometimes impossible in accurately describing experiences, ideas and emotions. Today we live in a world where people redefine, misuse and down-right just make sloppy use of words to convey their message. There is so much misunderstanding going on between people and messages that the difficulty in connecting is becoming an epidemic, causing much hurt feelings and lost trust along with inaccurate follow through of instruction. Conveying a clear and accurate message is sadly becoming a lost art. Power be to the one who can understand and master this great skill. Throughout history words not only represented communication, but command, commitment, and emotion. For instance, the word “incantation” defines the use of words to generate a magical result. If a person were to say “abracadabra” the thing that was in their thought would magically appear. If a person were to say “open says me”, the locked door would then automatically open. In scripture, Jesus often demonstrated the power of words, in the example he said, “ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove.” He also healed the sick by stating words. Obviously to the faithful it was more than just the words spoken, but the words were the vehicle to deliver the command. My point is, that words are powerful and being mindful of there use is critical to progress. Starting with ones personal self, the words you speak to yourself may have more impact on your overall success than what anyone else has to say about you or to you. For instance, the influence of the words ” I AM…” will change your perception about who you are and what you are capable of. Begin every morning with a set of “I AM” affirmations, for example; “I AM happy, smart and capable” – “I AM healthy, wealthy and wise” – “I AM a good friend and a resource to others”, etc.. Words can hurt, but words can empower – choose wisely the words you use. Incorporate praiseworthy words, recognize the difference between words that drive your spirits downward and the words that inspire you most and then make the correct choice.


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