Over the many years of my teaching compelling conversation skills, I have come to appreciate that an effective conversation is much like an inspiring song. We all have favorite songs that we enjoy listening to. if you have heard a cover to that song performed by a “less than” talented or under-skilled singer, you might say they trashed a perfect song or that it was nothing like the original. If you have ever watched any of these contest shows on television, you will understand how strict we are to judge the performance of a “wanna-be” artist when a song does not measure up to our liking. We judge harshly the performance when the song is sung out of key, or if the words were missed or forgotten? My point is, we know when a song is appealing to us and when it is all wrong. We know what we like and we know what we don’t like. We enjoy listening to a song that is pleasing and we will quickly change the channel to a song we don’t like. The fact is, that the conversations we have with other people are very much like listening to music. The lyrics, beat, and energy of the singer are equal to the words, tones and passion of a speaker in conversation. A musical artist and a conversation artist are in the same line of work and success in both occupations require understanding the magic of appeal and influence. There is an art to both! We all love music that affects us emotionally and we appreciate the lyric and performance of a song that inspires us. The music we like most are those that express what we feel or performed how we would perform it. We accept that the performer is more talented than we are and the expression of the song is better than we could do it. It is in the delivery that inspires us to be more than we are and attracts us to that artist and song. We can hear it over and over and over again and we seem to never grow tiered of listening to it. Some people desire and dream of performing that song just like the artist, or at the very least, would give anything to meet the star in person just to be in their presence. Believe it or not, a compelling conversation works much the same way and can have a similar affect on people. When we can put words, tones and passion together we can create magic and we can convey a powerful message that affects people in a big way. People will draw towards you and accept your message, furthermore, they will want to be part of what you are offering. It is the attraction they feel toward the energy you possess and your skill of conveying a message that they relate to and connect with. When you work in a capacity that requires conversing with other people, you cannot take for granted that your standard approach to communication is going to be enough to compel and inspire the other person. So much of the interaction between human beings is sloppy and lazy. You must realize that for the most part, we tolerate this sub-par conversation performance of people, but that trend is changing quickly. Tolerating intolerable conversation will keep you from quantum success. To expect greater results and resources, you must master your craft and work to develop the art of compelling conversation. The words, tones and passion all need to align. Just as in song, you can tell a compelling story in a short period. As you learn the traits, practice the principles, and I will help you to develop your skills, so you can reap the rewards.


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