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If only people realized how critical their conversations are to their overall progress, prosperity and happiness; they would take learning the strategies and technique much more serious. I realized at an early age how essential compelling conversation was to my survival. As a boy growing up in a diverse inner-city district in the 23rd largest metropolitan area in the country, I was approached by many individuals from the various social and ethnic cliques in my area, some rougher than others. I had to make important decisions as a naive adolescent, which group I would associate with and which groups I would contest. Often times the clashes between social ranks would be more intimidating, but sometimes it would come down to a physical brawl. During my youth, I did not escape the threats and invites to exchange punches. I really do appreciate my upbringing and I am deeply grateful to have have been raised in the area I grew up in. It was these challenges that shaped my character and created my understanding of how people operate. It seemed as a young boy facing such adversity the only choices are to fight or run. If you ran, that deemed you a coward – if you fought your were labeled a tyrant and a trouble maker. That is if you didn’t get the snot beat out of you. In my day, we didn’t have bully’s, we’ll maybe we did, but we didn’t run to an adult to tattle; that would for sure get you in deeper trouble. I chose to not act on any of the aforementioned options. I made the conscious decision to speak my way out of trouble and to gain favor with my childhood mates. Long story short, I was successful associating with all groups regardless of how deep my connection was or the difference we had in morals and values. I could talk my way out of confrontations and I could negotiate between parties. Through Elementary, Middle, and High Schools we all may have gone our different ways as we grew older, but still lived together in the same area in peace for the most part. I went on to serve as a missionary straight out of High School. Speaking to people I knew nothing about, in an unfamiliar culture about deep spiritual ideology. Two years later, I returned home to attend college and I landed a job as a “telemarketer.” Ever since that first job, I have been working and consulting with call centers all over the world. Learning, teaching and engaging in compelling conversation has been my life purpose. I have developed a learning program that teaches individuals the key’s to compelling conversation. I get it, most people are of the belief that if they can put words together they are communicating and that is all there is to it. WRONG! By simply communicating words, the interaction between people is likely to end in the breakdown in the accurate conveyance of the message. What most people hope for, but don’t exactly know how to achieve it, is to make a connection with the people they interact with. That connection will most likely yield a positive outcome for all people involved in the conversation. Compelling, touches the emotional element of human motivation. We get ourselves and others to do anything with the right emotion. It is the emotion that moves us to actions. A compelling conversation is a skill that follows a specific process. Knowing the steps or stages of a Compelling Conversation can prove to be a life-changer and enhance your experience with life. Imagine how different your life could be if you could connect on a deeper level with your children, employer, customers or any person regardless of how well or little you know about them. You would be so much more productive, not to mention how much you would reduce your stress level. I know these principles I teach work! I have helped thousands of people and hundreds of companies all over the world. You can learn the strategies right now – I will help you!