Victor Midgley Training


Call Scoring

Your ongoing training will include development of your conversation skills. The program, “6 Steps to a Compelling Conversation” will be administered by Victor Midgley Training. Your calls will be reviewed, scored and tracked. Based on the analysis, your weekly one-on-one coaching session will covers areas that will develop your conversation skills. You scores, calls, production stats and notes will be posted on the Victor Midgley website for your review. The following diagram is the model for delivering a compelling conversation.

Call Review Scoring Factors

90% to 100% / Diplomat

Leader Level

81% to 89% / Executive

Negotiator Level

76% to 80% / Professional

Producer Level

70% to 75% / Qualified

Operator Level

  1. I.D. = Did you clearly IDENTIFY yourself, your name and title?
  2. R.P. = Did you clearly state who and what you REPRESENT?
  3. W.W.= Did you clearly state WHAT you WANT?
  4. T = Did you use a balanced TONE in your voice (control the fluctuation) 
  5. P = Did you demonstrate clear and balanced pitch. Avoid high pitch tomes, which indicates nerves and lack of confidence.
  6. Etiquette = Did you match the appropriate behavior of the person you are speaking with, Example, Professional and Casual conversations require different respect.
  7. Received = Was the person you were speaking with “moving toward you or away from you?”