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Training Resources

This blog page includes updated articles related to improving conversation skills. New articles are added weekly.

Assignments are short videos, 3 to 5 minutes, highlighting a topic that will enhance the conversation skills between people. following each video is a short quiz to test your retention of the lesson. Upon completion of of the quiz, you can earn credits toward the gamification program.

The audio downloads enables a student to obtain a copy of the audio version of the video lesson to listen to on their electronic devices at their convenience. 

The conversation score is a key element to developing conversation skills. This page will show how the score is create and is looked at to compile the score. 

The LMS is a program that administers several training courses including the primary course, “6 Steps to Compelling Conversation.”

Many of the training programs include important lists that make valid points that are often difficult to remember. This section lists all the lists that are found in all the programs VMT teaches. 

This section includes the slide deck of the training presentation. The purpose of providing the slide deck is to give students a reference without taking valuable time taking notes during a presentation.

This section provides more than 100 motivational and inspirational quotes to help lift you up and encourage positive performance.