Managing Resistance

Success in moving people to accept your proposal, involves an awareness of the process that occurs when two people engage in conversation. This model will help you through the encounter when you propose an offer and the other person initially resists.


PROPOSE: There is no resistance if there is no offer, but there can be no deal without an offer. You must be willing to propose an offer of any type that moves you toward the ultimate objective.


RESISTANCE: You should expect and be prepared for some degree of resistance to your offer. This is a natural response from people as they seek to discover what may either cause them pain or could possibly be a benefit.


EMPATHIZE: When the resistance occurs you should naturally empathize. That is to respond to the resistance with sincere and genuine emotional understanding. If you cannot understand the exact cause of resistance, you can appreciate why a person would resist. It’s rarely personal, but more to do with discovery. You get that.


BENEFITS: Following your sincere recognition of their objection, you list relevant benefits. You will want to be well versed in the benefits of your offering and use them selectively and not all at once.


REPEAT: you would be wise to accept that to “close” the deal you will likely need to repeat this process often several times. This model has proven effective in sealing small deals all the way to multi-million dollar transactions.