For more than 20 years, Victor Midgley Training has traveled the world teaching the skill and art of compelling conversation. Individuals and companies have, on many occasions dramatically improved their fate by learning these skills, which are so effectively delivered and implemented. Victor Midgley, himself continues to instruct most the live presentations. Contact us today and learn from the best and begin your path to prosperity and abundance!

Executive Development Training

This is a 3 day in-depth training program we refer to as “Perfect People.”The initial day is used to analyse your operation and become acquainted with your team so that the training can be customized to your processes. Day two, is when the “class room” training is presented and the “6 Steps to a Compelling Conversation” lessons are taught. Day three, is when coaching and implementation takes place.

Essential Training

This program is an effective and simple training option that fits any company’s schedule and budget. The lessons are the same “6 Steps to a Compelling Conversation” that is offered in the Executive Development Training Program. The lessons are delivered in a weekly 30-minute session via phone or Skype. A team gathers together and often times a recorded call will be featured and the VMT instructor will teach and coach through that weeks featured challeng.

One-on-One Coaching

This personalized mentoring program is a sure way to rapidly develop the individual skills of each member of your team. The lessons are centered on the “6 Steps to a Compelling Conversation” and focused on the specific challenges and areas needing the most attention as uncovered by our certified instructors through monitoring recorded calls made by their assigned students.

Online Training Courses (LMS)

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Our award winning online training program is like non other. The learning curriculum is effective and provides an enjoyable experience to the student. Access to the courses are based on a monthly subscription. Completion of each course awards the student with credits. Credits can be exchanged for incentives and member levels can enter the member as a candidate for employment opportunities with our clients.