As you prepare for your new opportunity, you will want to receive the information in an organized process otherwise the information will come to you fast and furious and will be difficult to retain. If the training is not being presented in the following order as represented in quadrants, you will want to take notes using the following model.
Who do I report to and what is their title?
What is the official name of the company?
What is the industry?
How is the company organized?
When is the company organized?
Who owns the company?
What does the Company Organization Chart look like?
Where do I fit in and what are the advancement opportunities?
How big is the company (revenue & employees)
How many offices & locations
What is the vision?
What is the Mission Statement?
Are there other affiliates?
What is my Job Description?
What is the expectation of my duties and productivity?
How long is the training and ramp-up period?
What is my compensation including benefits?
Who is the medical insurance provider?
When will I be eligible for medical benefits?
What will get me terminated?
Is there PTO and how is it earned?
Are paid holiday’s offered (what are holiday’s)?
When is payday?
How do I get paid (direct deposit)?
How is my time tracked and Where do I clock in?
What is my schedule and when do I take break (how long are my breaks)?
Where should I park?
Where are the restrooms?
Is there a break room and what are the “rules” of the break room?
What is your dress-code policy?
Is smoking allowed and where is the designated area for smoking?
What is your attendance policy?
Where will I be working from and where is my desk?
Will I be sharing my desk and is there a policy for how I can set it up?
What services and/or products does the company offer?
Which of those offerings do I represent?
Do I need to know what the offerings cost?
How many customers, clients or subscribers does the company have?
Who are the competitors?
What are the goals and quotas for each offering?
What is the marketing and advertising strategies?
What is the processes for selling and how do I fit into that?
What marketing collateral is in circulation?
Who is our target market?
What is my ultimate duty?
What is the process from A to Z in accomplishing my duty?
What are the qualification steps to identify a prospect?
Who all is involved in the process?
What is my quota and what are the KPI’s?
What are the reports?
Where and how do I get my leads?
What is my territory or accounts that I will be working?
Can I only work my territory or can I prospect outside my territory?
Will I be working from a computer?
Will the company provide me with a computer or do I need to supply my own?
What is my username and password to login to my work computer?
What is my work email address?
What CRM will I be working on?
What is my username and password to login to the CRM?
What phone system will I be working on?
Does the company provide me with a headset?
How do I login to the phone system?
Is there a system for looking up leads?
Is there a “knowledge-base” or training system?
Is there a messaging system?
What is my username and password for the “other” systems?
What is the company website and what resources are there?
Will I need to have my own social media accounts?
What can or can’t I post regarding this job on my social media accounts?
Can I use my “smart phone” in the office to do work related duties.
Can I access any work related systems from my home on my personal devices?
Are there videos or instruction manuals I have access to as a resource to help me learn better the systems after training?
What are the best strategies for me to succeed here?
Will the company be providing “on-going” training?
Who will be providing the on-going training?
When will I be trained or what is the schedule going forward?
Will I be learning conversation skills and technique?
Does the company have a Quality Assurance department?
What is the protocol for grading my “communication” performance?
Can I get terminated for “conversation” performance issues?
What is the incentive for improving and developing my conversation / communication skills?
What and where can I get resources to help me develop my skills?
What are the expectations for my development?
What more can I do to learn and develop my skills outside of work?
What is the core philosophy?
What would be a conflict to the teachings of this company’s culture?