"Blueprint for Life" By Victor Midgley

There are thousands, maybe tens of thousands of plans to follow, to get what you want. Most seem to be centered on “hard work” - “positive attitude” or even “believing in the possibilities”...

"GETTING UNSTUCK" By Victor Midgley

The good news, being stuck is not permanent or hopeless. The first step to getting unstuck is to recognize why you feel stuck in the first place...

"3 BELIEFS" By Victor Midgley

If you analyze your current belief patterns, you will realize that many of those beliefs you have inherited. You may be holding on to beliefs that could be causing many of your problems today.

"I'LL BE HAPPY WHEN" By Victor Midgley

Happiness is not an achievement, but rather an emotion. People tend to desire things because of the feeling they believe they will get from that thing or experience...

"FOLLOW YOUR GUT" By Victor Midgley

We have mental facilities inside and that is where all our powers rest. You will rise to a much higher level quickly when you understand these mental faculties and how to use them. We feel the way we feel because of the vibration our body is in.

"MAKING LIFE EASY" By Victor Midgley

Life is supposed to be easy! When you are aligned with who you are supposed to be, things will come easy for you..


We all are given exceptional gifts that will develop, grow and be perfected as we tap into the power and frequency of that energy that expounds and accelerates the special talent we have been gifted.


Paying Attention allows you to recognize what’s going on and what you’ll do with it. Paying Attention can liberate you from great burdens, and can help overcome the greatest of barriers