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Dozens of online lessons that take about 20-25 minutes each to complete

Upon completion of each lesson - you earn reward points that can be redeemed for several incentives

You will improve your conversations skills leading to a higher level of productivity and abuntant prosperity

Only $19.00 per month

more than 2,500 members

Conversation Development

Leadership Development

Personal Development

We have served over 1,000 clients and 100,000 individuals

About Us

Over the span of 25 plus years, VMT has been traveling the world presenting these courses in person to live audiences. With the high demand for Victor to instruct in person, not all are able to receive the courses. For this reason, we have made available the instruction through the online portal. If you are a new member, you can register here or if you are a returning member, login and then select the site link that you wish to view.    

Victor Midgley and his team of professional – certified advisers have been teaching and instructing key conversation, leadership and personal development skills to hundreds of companies and thousands of employees that when put into practice will enhance  the productivity, careers and corporate growth of any organization that rely’s on its people to interact with customers and prospects alike.