Victor Midgley was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in the 1960’s. Victor is the oldest of 6 children. In the early 70’s Victor lived in Denver, Colorado for 3+ years before moving back to Salt Lake City. Victor grew up on the west-side of Salt Lake City where he went to school and participated in youth sports. Victor was an all-star little league baseball player and received several awards and championships playing high school sports. After graduating from High School, Victor served a two-year voluntary mission to Florida, which also included the southern region of Georgia. Upon returning from his missionary service, he enrolled at the University of Utah and began his study pursuing a Business Management Degree. Victor Midgley married and began a family of his own while attending college and landing a management position with a progressive telecommunications company.

As a teenager, Victor had deep interest in the psychology of people-behavior. While attending the University of Utah, he enrolled in psychology classes, which introduced Victor Midgley to several experts and materials that also led to other specialists and further teachings in the area of psychology. Although Victor Midgley achieved a Business Management Degree, his hours of study regarding psychology far surpasses the requirement to hold a Masters Degree in Business Management.

Victor has applied his Business Degree and his increasing knowledge of Psychology in his professional career to secure management positions with a good income. While still attending college, Victor became a Manager of a 100 seat call center, then earned a Director position with a 300 seat call center. After 15 years working with call center organizations, Victor became a highly sought call center expert, being offered a number of opportunities in the field. Victor accepted an opportunity with a fortune 500 giant that sought Victor Midgley to build an inside sales division based in Salt Lake City. This placed Victor’s career on a higher trajectory. Victor was financially able to move his young family from the lower income west side area of Salt Lake to an elite suburb neighborhood, south of the city. Victor’s next career opportunity came a few years later when he landed a Vice President position with an innovative call center that introduced the industry to the “remote-agent” model. Victor’s next career move compelled him to branch out on his own and become an entrepreneur.

Victor’s marriage ended after 15+ years at which time, he  shifted his priority and focus on raising his 5 young children.  Professionally, Victor’s consulting practice took big hit and he struggle to hold together his struggling life.  After a short time, Victor Midgley did bounce back. He remarried and he landed a contract to serve as the President of a 500 seat call center that serviced mostly fortune 500 companies.

Victor and his new wife built a beautiful home in a new-growing suburb of Salt Lake County. He added two more children to his tribe and found peace and joy with his new life. Victor’s career took off from this point. Victor Midgley received an invitation to be a speaker at a global conference of the worlds most recognized companies. This experience put Victor on the map as a global expert in call center operations and leadership and communication development. He landed opportunities with companies from Florida to Canada and Boston to the Philippines. For a short while, Victor relocated with his family to Phoenix, Arizona while completing a project that was to take 3 years, however, he completed it in 1 year.

Upon competing the Arizona project, Victor and his family moved back to the Salt Lake area and he continued his entrepreneur career. Over the years, Victor has experienced the ups and downs of life. Professionally, he has experienced feast and famine, Personally, he has experienced the death of close loved ones, disappointments and struggles.  Victor has not been exempt from the discouragement and painful influence of the worlds crisis, or the disappointment from relationships. All-in-all, life has been very good to Victor Midgley. At this stage of his life, Victor desires to prepare all his life lessons and place them on his website, which is dedicated to help people navigate through life’s experience and find peace and joy, comfort and enlightenment. Victor holds the belief the people exist that they might have joy!

Victor Midgley continues to live in the Salt Lake area. He is the C.E.O. of IQ Global Partners. All his children have moved out on there own with the exception of his youngest who is a High School student. Victor’s great joy is spending time with his family, especially on out of town trips.                       

Victor Midgley Resume

Born: December 8th 

Birth Place: Salt Lake City, Utah

Ethnicity: Mexican American

Languages: English / Spanish

Places Lived: Salt Lake City, UT (currently) / Denver, CO / Douglas, GA / Gainesville, FL / Phoenix, AZ

Places Worked: USA / Canada / Mexico / India / Philippines / Vietnam / Australia / Africa / Peru

Occupations: VP, Occurance / President, Humanvoice / VP, FineLine Solutions / President, Compass Call Centers / C.O.O. Formicide / Owner, Intelliworks, Intellex, M9 Group, IQ Global Parntners

Family: Married, 7 Children, 10 Grandchildren (currently lives near SLC, UT) 

Education: Attended the University of Utah, Bachelors, Business Management


  • ’92 M&A Sorenson to TelAmerica
  • ’94 M&A NICE Corp. to Matrix Marketing
  • ’96 M&A APEX to Matrix Marketing
  • ’99 M&A Lightnet/Lightspeed to Bell & Howell
  • ’02 Sold Intelliworks to OneSource
  • ’04 Founded the Utah Call Center Professionals Organization
  • ’04 Head of Call Center Relocation Committee for The Economic Development Corporation of Utah
  • ’06 Sold Compass Call Centers to un-named Logistics Firm (NDA)
  • ’06 Became a Consultant and  Founded Intellx (later became M9 Group in 2010 – became IQ Global Partners in 2023
  • ’08 ACCA Pioneer Award Recipient for Remote Agent Strategy
  • Throughout Career – Key Note Speaker at Several National Conferences

Notable Organizations Consulted:

  • Porsche N.A.
  • Pergo 
  • Coke-a-Cola
  • Marriott
  • Nestle
  • Nike
  • Blackstone
  • United Van Lines
  • Blendtech
  • Westgate 


  • Perfect People
  • What Do You Think?
  • Victory!